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Hobbycon 2008 Youtube Video!

We would like to thank all those people who came to Hobbycon 2007 & Hobbycon 2008! THANKS SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING HOBBYCON! Don’t forget to mark your calendar for Hobbycon 2009 this coming December! ;)

Here's a short video about Hobbycon 2008. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Hobbycon 2008 Video Credits goes to:

Video Man: Dinoza Mahruf & Casey Lee

Video Editor & Animation: Alvin Yong

2D Art: Marina Tay (Rina Cat)

Background Music:
• Uchu no Stellvia Original Soundtrack - Ko Mi Cal
• Psychedelic SoulJam - Lotus Juice (The Best of Soul Eater Original Soundtrack)

HobbyCon 2009 - Organisers and Sponsors HobbyCon 2009 - Organisers and Sponsors