Hobbycon Booth List

HC Floor

Food Booths

1. El Banditos: Burritos, Burgers & Mexican Food
2. Kacha Boom!: Sandwich & Mocktail Drink! They will have a tongue twister game too! If you win, you'll get a free drink!
3. Cupcakes Paradise: Home made cupcakes and cookies
4. Sushi King: Sushi paradise! VIP ticket holder may use their RM2 discount voucher for every purchase of RM10 in a single purchase.
5. Unique Bakez: Desserts galore! Satisfy your sweet tooth carving here!
6. B.M.C Food market: Affordable finger food for snacks!
7. Gen'S Corner: Yummy Hotdogs!

Indoor Booths

1. Check It Art: Selling cute hand made character hats, jewelry, cosplay wigs and more!
2. Epic Mom: Epic Mom's DIY pillows and specialties.
3. Art of ReiRobin: Original prints, doujinshis & Crafts and other items specially by HapCho
4. Neko Concept: Selling crafts, drawings, novels, bookmarks, comics and more!
5. KiraPika Art: Selling anime, mangas, traditional art made out of oil painting, acrylic, watercolour, inking and etc on canvas & paper. Suitable for room decoration for anime/manga lovers
6. Lovemecrafts: Handmade jewelries and crafts
7. Aliens 'N' Bunnies Garage: Anime merchandise such as jackets, tshirts, posters, bin badges and more!
8. Team DayDreamers: Our long time favourite group which consists of seniors, new and up-and-coming local artists showing their work to enlighten fans & like minded people. They will be selling their self made comics, buttons and etc. If time permits, you can also commission their artists to draw for you!
9. JT Project: They will be doing lucky draw game, selling head dresses and some figurines and creative goods.
10. Magion02 Live Digital: From the creator of HobbyCon's Adam and Eve character and also founder of Engetsu Online, Magion02 will be doing live drawing for your entertainment. Are you into digital art? Drop by to learn more and get to know Magion02 up close and personal.
11. D'ArtSign: One of the awesome t-shirt printer in town :) They will be selling anime t-shirts, keychains, accessories and more!
12. S&K Otaku Club: This is a club consists of members from Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu selling otaku related items.
13. B&B: You want toys and games? Don't forget to find them!
14. My Little Paradise: Selling Fashion Accessories, Hobby related items and DIY goodies
15. Team Revyo: Team RevYo, Sabah official yoyo team is making their first appearance in HobbyCon 2013. With special guest, two times Sarawak Region Yoyo Champion, Ryan Han from Team Yo-Blitz Kuching, theye will be performing, teaching and selling high qualities yoyos from various brand such as YoyoJam & YoyoFactory for 2 days in HC2013!
16. B.M.C Gun Range: Stop by to test your shooting skill and stand a chance to win cool prizes!
17. B.M.C Market: Selling multiple anime merchandise at very affordable prices. Don't miss out this golden opportunity!
18. Bah! Photo: One of our long time supporter and favourite photographer, Flanegan Bainon will be providing photography services to the public as well as cosplayers!
19. All4One Productions: Want to take a photo with a cool background? Head on to their booth for lots of surprises!
20. 501st Legion Malaysia Outpost: 501st legion is bringing lots of activities just for you! The proceeds from their activities will be given out to CHILDS Sabah. Head on to their booth for:
a) Charity Photo Taking - Instant photo taking and print outs for a minimum RM10/pc.
b) Capture the droid - capture the droid and deliver it to 501st booth to stand a chance to win lucky draw prizes
c) Walk About - Don't just ogle the troopers! Interact, take photo with them and help them to raise fund for charity!
21. C.H.I.L.D.S Sabah: A charity body whom will promote and introduce their WALK FOR AUTISM 2014. Don't forget to pay them a visit!
22. Hello Mini (outdoor booth): They will be selling Figurines and Toys!
23. Ingress ARG by Ingress Sabah Community: If you have not heard, Ingress ARG is an augmented reality game by Google subsidiary, Niantic Labs. This team will be recruiting new members, selling special Ingress T-shirt, Training and educate you more on how to play this currently hot game in the world!
24. HobbyCon 2013 T-shirt and Goodies: Grab your HobbyCon's annual limited edition Tshirt for RM50! Get 1 lucky draw chance for every t-shirt bought. You might win special HobbyCon merchandise!

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