Special Guest : 501st Legion - Malaysia Outpost

The Malaysian chapter of the 501st Legion, known as the Malaysia Outpost comprises of members from Malaysia. All gathered into one group with the interest of promoting charity, goodwill and fun with the use of Screen Accurate costumes from the 6 Star Wars movies and other media’s of Star Wars including its games, animated series and even comic books.

They currently have 17 confirmed members in Malaysia with a few from the nearby states, Perak and Malacca. The immediate aim of the 501st Legion Malaysia is to achieve Garrison status where a minimum of 25 Active members are needed.

The 501st Legion Malaysia Outpost have visited Hobbycon in 2012. This year they will be coming to Hobbycon again. If you want to find out more in-depth information about them, you can visit their website at the following link below.

→ Visit the "501st Legion - Malaysia Outpost" Website

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