Special Guest : Tuxedo Team

Tuxedo Team is a cosplay group from the Philippines, who has earned recognition from people all over the world through their fun-loving nature, and the effort they put into making their cosplay photo shoots artistic and believable representations of the series that they portray.

Tuxedo Team’s work has been showcased in countless features online, published around Asia, and exhibited in Japan. They are also known for their fun-loving nature, humorous behind-the-scenes outtakes, and for upholding the values of fun and friendship in the hobby. They have been sharing their love and passion for cosplay by doing workshops and panels at conventions they are invited to be guests in.

Jin says, “My friends and I don’t make the most complicated cosplays or win the most awards or anything like that, but we are very thankful that the people who appreciate what we do can see something past the outer appearance of costumes or the prestige of winning. It’s a wonderful feeling to just share something you love to do and be able to connect with so many people from around the world. We look forward to meeting you in Malaysia!”

Don’t miss out this great opportunity to meet Jin (Behind Infinity), Dom & Miguel at HobbyCon 2013!

You can find out more about them at tuxteam.net.

Dom - Shang
Dom as “Shang” - Mulan

Jin - Kenshin
Jin as “Kenshin” - Rurouni Kenshin

Miguel - Jack Sparrow
Miguel as “Jack Sparrow” - Pirates of the Caribbean

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