Abam Apam

Abam's Profile

Since he was 3, Imran Yassin Mokhtar, well known as Abam Apam loves to draw.
His exposure to comics during his schooling years inspired him to be a comic artist, and by 2011, this Selangor lad published his web comics via Facebook.
At that time his comic content was more into romantic comedy that revolves around high school students, inspired by Japanese manga.
Just around 2 years ago, Abam Apam went to "the path of the pun" which garnered attention from both local and international Facebook users.
He admits at first he was not good at making pun jokes so he sharpen his skills by learning from comics from abroad. Which now he does puns in English and Bahasa Melayu, and mixing both.

Abam Apam will be partying with us as part of our invited guest in this 10th year of HobbyCon and can't wait to meet his fans from Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei.

Don't miss this chance to meet him!

Below of some of Abam Apam's Pun-y Comic Strips, for more of his hilarious sense of humor, check out his Fan Page on Facebook!

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