All-Stars March In


All-Stars March is still going strong!

This year is All-Stars March Project's 5th year. With the response we’re getting every year, HOW CAN WE STOP?
We have no theme this year, but we hope you'll bring your “A" game for the 10th Anniversary of HobbyCon. We would love to see all of you and kick start the party for us.
As usual, we need your help as we need many characters/cosplayers for this to happen! We just need you to register below and we will guide you through the process, we will keep you updated on all the info and we’ll arrange a private rehearsal before the event.
For the 10th year, we will add a slight twist to the march (besides the usual group photo at the end of the march), so do join us if you want to know what it will be. Do spread this to your cosplayer friends and encourage your other friends and family to come to the event.
Online registration will be announced soon, estimate by September or latest October. (Please follow our Facebook page for announcements or just come back and watch this area for updates.) Kindly read our WEAPONS & PROPS POLICY as you are required to comply as well.
Registration will end on the 30th November 2016, 5pm. Any LATE REGISTRATION won't be accepted. No changing of character last minute or you won't be accepted to join the march. Please confirm your character before registering.
Note: Please be ready (in full cosplay gear) at the venue by 10th December 2016 Saturday DAY 01 -10:30am SHARP. The Guest of honour is scheduled to arrive around that time. All-Stars March participants should be ready by allocated area (to be confirmed) to welcome our guests of honour.

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