Cosplay Showdown


The HobbyCon X 2016: Cosplay Showdown is back! This time, we have REVAMPED the judging system and have more prizes to grab!

This will be our 9 th year running Cosplay Competitions. Throughout the past 8 years of running – there are minor changes to the system as each year goes by. However, this year we re-design it so that participants get to showcase their cosplay even better. Thus, we have more categories now! And having both individual (solo) and teams (groups) together to strut it on stage!

Best Character:
Are you sure you can do well in both role-play and look the part? You win liao lor!
Best Workmanship: 
Fuiyoh, such fine craftsmanship! Crafting skills are high in this one.
Best Entertainment:
Presenting the most epic skit ever! Are you not entertained?
Best Squad:
Teamwork makes dream work. Two or more, bring your group into life!
Best Effort:
‘Coz judges think you deserve it!

*For better understanding of criteria for each of the awards, kindly refer to Cosplay Showdown Rules and Regulations 

You could win a share of RM2,000 CASH PRIZE from TM. From time to time, we may have other sponsors that offer prizes for certain categories, so be sure to keep your eyes on our announcements.


I/We want in! So what now?

FIRST, you’ll need to read and understand the Cosplay Showdown Rules and Regulations . Once you’ve done that, you will need to fill-in the registration form online and get confirmation email in reply. If you miss out on registration (it closes when near to events’ date), don’t fret, there MAY be spaces available on the day of the competition but we do not guarantee if there is any availability left so best you can register yourself during online registration opened. Please refer to the rules for more information.




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