King's Profile

Name: King @ 狂間
Date of Birth: 19th March (Pisces)
Nationality: Taiwanese
Height: 172cm
Interests: Cosplay, playing guitar, travelling
Year Started Cosplay: 2001
World Cosplay Page:

<< Personal Achievements & Appearances >>
2005 Taipei International Book Fair Cosplay Champion
2012 ChinaJoy Cover Coser Contest Recommended Award
2012 Interviewed in Chinese osplay Journal 22nd Ed.
2013 CtiTV University Talk Show Appearance
2013 Singapore Cosmo Youth Parade Youth Representative
2013 Comic Fiesta Penang Invited Guest
2013 Shenyang China Anime Convention Guest Judge
2013 Taiwan FUNCos Contest Guest Judge
2013 Hong Kong China Animation World Invited Guest Appearance
2013 China Oohope Cosplay Magazine Contest Judge
2014 Asianbeat 2014 World Coser Collection Featured Interview
.... and many more!






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