VERY THE IMPORTANT Rules & Regulations of HobbyCon 2017: Cosplay Showdown. We know is fun and all, we all are looking forward to that. Kindly READ AND FOLLOW THE RULES or you are not allowed to enter this contest or being disqualified during the event. That’s bad news and we wouldn’t want that to happen. Should you have further questions AFTER reading the following rules, you may contact us at our Facebook Page.

Criteria for each of the awards:

Awarded for both quality of costume and portrayal of the character.  Eligible for INDIVIDUAL only.

Awarded for quality of costume. Eligible for either INDIVIDUAL or GROUP, Costume must be self-made or heavily altered.

Awarded for the most engaging or entertaining performance (skit) during the competition. Eligible for either INDIVIDUAL or GROUP – must be accompanied with a performance (skit).
Awarded for both quality of costume and character portrayal within a group entry. Eligible for GROUP only.
Judges Choice Award:
Awarded for an act that the judges feel deserves recognition, because judges think you deserve it! Eligible for either INDIVIDUAL or GROUP.


  • Please note that you or your group will not be eligible to win two or more awards at a time even though you may be in the running of more than one category. You or your group also may only choose to ENTER ONLY ONE (1)day’s (option is either Day 1 OR Day 2) showdown during the event. This means, you are not allowed to join both days’ Cosplay Showdown in a row. However, the only exception is that we allow you to join one of the days as an individual, another day in a group – provided that both costumes submitted are different characters and genre.
  • If you have entered a competition run by Persatuan ACG Sabah and HobbyCon organizers and have won an award with the costume, you will not be eligible being awarded again (unless it has been altered more than 50%) as well but we may allow you to enter again for all that glory on stage. This applies to all cosplay contest host by Persatuan ACG Sabah (including mini-HobbyCon&HobbyCon) starting August 2016 onwards.
  • Except for BEST WORKMANSHIP category, your costumes may be bought. However, self-made/altered costumes are more favorable to be awarded.
  • ALL judges’ decision is FINAL and they do not need to disclose how they made the decision. Although there are rewards to be won, please be reminded that our objectives were to create an awareness of cosplay culture, to grow the cosplay community, and most importantly to provide a platform for everyone to have FUN. Anyone deemed obnoxious or looking for trouble, we shall invite you to the exit.  


Costume & Prop Code

  • Dress and act decently: Please keep in mind that this is a FAMILY oriented event. Anything we find indecent, you will be barred from entering the competition and you shall be asked to change. Otherwise, we can remove you from the event hall without refund of your tickets and bar you from entering.  
  • Self-made / self-mods or bought costume: You may buy your own costumes. However, you are not eligible for Best Workmanship category. It is preferred that you make your own costumes or heavily altered bought costume parts.
  • Faux Weapons/Props only: NO actual/replica weapons/props allowed. If you are not sure whether your prop is allowed, please email us to check. (For more specifications of weapon/props rules please read our SAFE WEAPON/PROP PRACTISE – regulation for public. )
  • Put a HIGHLIGHT NOTE: During registration, kindly point out the details of your costume that you may want to highlight, for example: LED/Glowing costume, motorized prop, moving wings, mechanicals, voice, impersonation (e.g laugh like Joker), assistance required to go up on stage due to PWD/OKU or wearing bulky costume, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read our SAFE WEAPON/PROP PRACTISE rules for further rules covered.


  • To perform or not to perform, that is the question: It is NOT compulsory. It is a great opportunity to enhance character portrayal though. Also, it is auto-eligible for Best Entertainment category.
  • Set-up 3 Minutes: In order to save time, you only have 3 minutes to set up your performance/skit props on stage before you perform. We will time you. If you haven’t finish setting up your performance/skit props on stage within 3 minutes, you will not be eligible to win any of the awards above but you will still get to perform your skit on stage and get an appreciation award.
  • No more than 2 minutes: Keep it short and sweet. Preferably your performance is as brief as possible. Anything more than 2 minutes, we can cut you off without warning and you will be disqualified from the run for Best Entertainment. If you really need to do more than 2 minutes, please email us a detailed description of your skit and a valid reason for the extra time required. However, you will still not be eligible for Best Entertainment category.
  • Things not allowed in performance/skit: Pyrotechnics (fireworks or fire/explosive items), jumping off the stage (for your safety’s sake), shooting or swinging objects to the crowd, live animals, explicit content (bleeping out explicit content is not prohibited but not encouraged either), smoking/vaping, food, drinks, and/or leaving anything on stage unattended (e.g. paper, confetti, flowers, and/or any stage props).
  • Stage helpers: Maximum of 2 helpers and they are not allowed to be in costume. We would appreciate it if the helpers were to wear full black top and bottoms.  
  • Audio/Video:  Please ensure your file is in a USB drive and not any other devices or media and bring it during the day BEFORE you are competing at the sound system. Our usual person in charge would be Mr. Edgar. For specific technical requirements – we shall update you soon.


Too long; but I/we Did read! So what should I do now?

So you DID read. Great, now you can go register online by filling in the registration form. If registration is closed, you will have to register yourself during the day itself before 12pm to check if there is slot available or you will be put under reserve list.







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